Talk Out of School

The debate over NY State high-stakes graduation exams

Episode Summary

After a brief recap of local news, the show focused on the controversy over NY State’s high stakes exits exam, called the Regents exams, that students have to pass to graduate from high school. Leonie spoke to NYC teacher Bobson Wong and NYC parent leader Sheree Gibson,two members of the Blue Ribbon Commission which is supposed to come up with recommendations as to whether these graduation requirements should be changed and if changed, what should replace them. Two parent activists from elsewhere in the state, Jeanette Deutermann of Long Island Opt out and Danielle Gary, an educational professional, the founder and Chair of the Pittsford NY Special Education PTA who is the parent of a 6th grader with autism also shared their thoughts on this controversial issue.

Episode Notes

Gothamist on DOE's previously announced plans to cut school budgets next year:

Chalkbeat on the additional 3% cuts to DOE budget that Mayor Adams has now proposed:

Information on the NY State Blue Ribbon Commission on Graduation Measures:  

How you can submit your ideas to the Commission at Thought Exchange:

FairTest on how  only eight states still require students to pass any standardized state tests,  down from 27 states a few years ago:

New America research summary, The Case Against Exit Exams: