Talk Out of School

School Privacy and School Diversity Proposals

Episode Summary

Co-hosts Leonie Haimson and Carol Burris discuss the latest education news of the day, including the proposed student privacy regulations that would allow school vendors like the College Board to sell personal student data and use it for commercial purposes. More on this below, including how to submit your comments to the State Education Department. Then they interviewed NYC parent Shino Tanikawa of the School Diversity Advisory Group and high school students Tiffany Torres and Alex Rodriguez of Teens Take Charge about the proposals to increase integration in NYC public schools by eliminating gifted programs in elementary schools and to stop screening middle schools by means of academic factors. Also below is a link to the latest proposals of the School Diversity Advisory Group. Originally aired on WBAI Free Speech Radio 99.5 FM on Sep. 11, 2019.

Episode Notes

More on the proposal of NY State education department to allow for the selling of student data and its use for marketing purposes here.  Here's a sample message if you'd like to provide a comment to the State about this proposal, with a deadline for comment of Sept. 16.

Here's the copy of the report of the School Diversity Advisory Committee.