Talk Out of School

School lockdown drills: effective safety measure or unnecessary trauma?

Episode Summary

NYC public schools start this week, and after a brief recap of the latest news, Leonie interviewed NYC parent Robert Murtfeldand Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon, to discuss why they are working to amend the current NY law: to lower the number of mandated annual school lockdown drills from four to one, and to allow parents to opt their children out. They explain how these drills can be traumatic to children and describe other policies and practices that could better ensure student safety.

Episode Notes

DOE info and updates on school bus strike:

Class Size Matters: Comments on the DOE's inadequate class size plan, signed onto by more than 230 advocates, parents, and educators

NY Daily News: Some NYC class sizes could grow this year under revised draft plan: advocates

Mike Bloomberg 2001 campaign flyer promising to lower class size,

Chalkbeat: As asylum seekers continue arriving in NYC, some face school enrollment delays

NY Daily News: NYC public schools bracing for record influx of new migrant students: city officials,

Assembly Bill A06665 to amend the current state law on school lockdown drills 

Chalkbeat: NYC teachers get little to no training on lockdown drills,

Nature, Impacts of school shooter drills on the psychological well-being of American K-12 school communities: a social media study

The TraceNew York Bill Seeks to Make Lockdown Drills Less Traumatic for Students

ChalkbeatNew bill would allow NY students to opt out of lockdown drills

ABC7 NYLawmakers propose bill to reduce number of active shooter drills in New York schools

Spectrum'We're learning': Bill would set standards for required active shooter drills

CBS6 AlbanyState lawmakers propose to end school lockdown drill requirements

The HillActive shooter drills may be traumatizing millions of students

MSNBCMaking students believe they’re about to die is not a lockdown drill. It’s abuse.

NY Daily News: NYC officials outline school safety strategies ahead of back to school

ABC7NY:  NYC schools to feature new front door locks and safety agents this year

Contact info for AM Jo Anne Simon: