Talk Out of School

Reopening schools amid funding cuts & minimizing screen time during remote learning

Episode Summary

Leonie Haimson first interviewed Jasmine Gripper, Executive Director of the Alliance for Quality Education, about Governor Cuomo’s damaging and inequitable budget cuts to public schools. Then Josh Golin, Executive Director of Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood, explained why schools need to minimize screen time and the use of ed tech apps and to maximize student privacy during remote learning. He also explained how parents can advocate for this to happen.

Episode Notes

Alliance for Quality Education report: Set Up to Fail: How Cuomo’s School Cuts Target New York’s Black & Brown Students 
For more information on AQE’s planned 9/12/20 actions on school funding, contact  

News on Albany school cuts  and Schenectady layoffs 

Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood’s statement urging schools to minimize screen time and ed tech 
Also: CCFC petition on this issue and an article on the subject

The Parent Toolkit for Student Privacy, created by CCFC and the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy