Talk Out of School

NYC Public Education & COVID-19: Funding, Next Steps, and the Risks of Online Learning

Episode Summary

Leonie Haimson first talks with Jasmine Gripper of the Alliance for Quality Education about what's happening with the education budget negotiations in Albany and how people can help ensure that NYC schools get their fair share of state funding, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Then she and NYC Council Education Chair Mark Treyger discuss the next steps for NYC schools in light of the public health emergency with COVID-19. Finally, Leonie talks with prominent ed tech critic Audrey Watters about the pitfalls and risks of online learning now that schools in NYC and throughout the country are moving to online learning models.

Episode Notes

Alliance for Quality Education

Emily James, Huffington Post, "I'm a Teacher, and it Feels Like my City Doesn't Care About My Life." 

 Advice to parents  from the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy about how to maximize student privacy and minimize screen time in the midst of the coronavirus crisis

Audrey Watters blog, Hack Education