Talk Out of School

NYC K-20 Faculty Organizing for Health Justice & Against Racism, Austerity & Job Cuts

Episode Summary

Guest host: Stuart Chen-Hayes The twin pandemics of COVID-19 and racism have put a laser-beam focus on the role of K-20 schools in challenging both disasters. But leaders in the UFT and PSC_CUNY have come under fire from rank and file union members for not moving quickly enough. Hear from 3 NYC teachers, two of whom are leaders with the MORE Caucus-- Bronx teachers D. Myrie and Aixa Rodriguez of MORE and Manhattan teacher Annie Tan, who recently returned to NYC after years as a teacher in the rank and file Chicago Teachers Union, which birthed the Red for Ed movement. Then we speak with two CUNY Rank and File Action (RAFA) members--CUNY Adjunct, social welfare doctoral student, and organizer Jamila Hammami, and CUNY Adjunct and documentary filmmaker Reiko Tahara, on their work challenging 3000 summer adjunct layoffs, skyrocketing class sizes, and anger over more deaths due to COVID-19 in the CUNY system than any other USA university.

Episode Notes