Talk Out of School

Issues with Preschool Reopenings and Online Learning

Episode Summary

After a brief recap of what's gone awry with the planning process and the staffing shortages plaguing NYC schools, Leonie Haimson spoke with Alice Mulligan, a preK director and head of CBOs for Equity, about what health and safety precautions she put in place before reopening her preschool, and what help she received and didn’t receive from the NYC Department of Education to do so. Then she interviewed Tom Liam Lynch, director of education policy for the Center for NYC affairs and editor in chief of InsideSchools, who described InsideSchools plus, a new online forum for parents to share information and concerns about their schools. As an expert in ed tech who helped design iLearn, the NYC DOE online platform, Tom also gave some suggestions as to how parents could help their children stay engaged while doing remote learning.

Episode Notes