Talk Out of School

How Success Academy charter schools violate their students' civil, educational and privacy rights

Episode Summary

The show focused on Success Academy charters, NYC's largest charter school chain, which has repeatedly violated students' civil rights while becoming known for high test scores and high suspension rates. Leonie interviewed Laura Barbieri of Advocates for Justice and Nelson Mar of Bronx Legal Services, two attorneys who’ve successfully sued Success Academy charter schools on behalf of students who have been mistreated at the school. Then she spoke to Fatima Geidi, a former Success parent whose son’s special education, due process, and privacy rights were violated, the last after PBS News Hour interviewed Fatima and her son about the school’s abusive disciplinary practices. Dany Mangrove also related her experiences as a former operations assistant and teacher at Success Academy High School.

Episode Notes

Advocates for Justice website; Laura Barbieri’s email is

Legal Assistance Hotline of NYC Legal Services at 917-661-4500 (Mon-Fri, 10am to 4pm), which low-income parents can call if their children have been denied their educational or civil rights in charter or public schools.

Information about the “Got to Go” list lawsuit and $1.1 million settlement, recently awarded families of children who were pushed out of Success Academy. 

PBS News Hour show, “Is Kindergarten too young to suspend a student”, which aired on Oct. 12, 2015, about Success Academy’s disciplinary practices.

US Department of Education and the NY State Education Department determinations that Success Academy and CEO Eva Moskowitz violated student privacy laws at the federal and state levels. Articles about this in the Daily News and Education Week.

Dany Mangrove’s video about her experiences working at Success Academy high school.

See also the Instagram site, Survivors of Success Academy, for more accounts of Success Academy teachers, parents and students about the abusive and discriminatory practices of this charter chain.