Talk Out of School

Interview with NYC Teachers on the challenges they face with remote learning

Episode Summary

Leonie Haimson spoke about excessive spending by the NYC Department of Education this year, including up to $700 million on busing they’re not using, while at the same time proposing to cut education budgets by over $800 million next year. Then she interviewed three NYC teachers, Liat Olenick, Bobson Wong, and Katie Lapham, about the challenges they face with remote learning, what grading policies there should be this year and how schools should be reconfigured next year to address the learning loss and emotional trauma experienced by many students. Liat also spoke about how families can participate remotely this week on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by taking action on climate change.

Episode Notes

Links to learn more about topics discussed on the show:

Excessive spending by NYC Dept. of Education on busing and other contracts this year: Two articles in the NY Post here and here.

Two posts in the NYC Public School Parents blog here and here

Challenges of remote learning for teachers especially those with children at home

The controversy over grading in NYC during remove learning and school shutdowns

How to honor the 50th anniversary of Earth Day by taking action on the climate crisis