Talk Out of School

State budget deal for NYC Schools and Principal tells us how his school has managed with challenges this year and what next year should include

Episode Summary

After briefly describing the findings of a new report from Class Size Matters on Department of Education overspending on charter facilities and underspending on matching funds for public schools, Leonie interviewed Jasmine Gripper, Executive Director of Alliance for Quality Education. Jasmine talked about what is happening with the final days of the state budget negotiations on education funding, and the possibility that NYC schools may finally receive the additional foundation aid they have long been promised as a result of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. Then she spoke with Michael Perlberg, Principal of MS 839 in Brooklyn about the special nature of his Outward Bound, project-based middle school, the many challenges he, his staff and students have experienced with repeated school closures and remote and blended learning this year. He also described how he would use the additional federal funds the schools will receive from the federal government to design a safe and supportive school reopening plan next fall if he was in charge of designing the plan for these funds.

Episode Notes