Talk Out of School

Education Activists around the country on what their districts have done during Covid pandemic

Episode Summary

Leonie spoke to three education activists: Damaris Allen, Hillsborough County parent and President of the Florida Collaboration Project; Glenn Sacks, a LA teacher and chapter leader, and Cassie Creswell, Chicago parent and Exec. Director of Illinois Families for Public Schools , about what their schools have been doing during the Covid pandemic to keep students safe and healthy, and what sort of education is being provided to them to make up for the disruptions in their schooling.

Episode Notes

Chalkbeat, NYC officials keep a lid on data from tests to address ‘learning gaps’

Gothamist, Some NYC Teachers Worry "Learning Loss" Tests Will Exacerbate the Problem

Class Size Matters and Education Law Center, State budget hearings testimony on the DOE’s failure to use state funds appropriately and with required public input

NY Daily News, NYC Education Dept. shortens quarantine for students who test positive for COVID-19 from 10 to 5 days

American Medical Association press release, AMA: CDC quarantine and isolation guidance is confusing, counterproductive

El Diario, Preocupación y confusión entre padres por nuevos cambios en reglas de cuarentena de niños en escuelas de NYC

JD Supra, Mask Mandate; Nassau County Court Decision; Where Are We?

Brooklyn Eagle, Brooklyn Judge Reinstates NY Mask Mandate

Chicago Sun-Times, CPS says change in COVID case reporting wasn’t intended to mislead public

Chicago Sun-Times, Fight over COVID testing of students — and whether CPS disregarded governor’s offer of help — at heart of dispute with union