Talk Out of School

The Creation, Implementation, and Failure of Common Core Standards With Tom Loveless

Episode Summary

After a brief recap of the latest education news, Leonie interviewed Tom Loveless, former classroom teacher, professor, and education researcher, who has written a new book explaining the development, implementation and ultimate failure of the Common Core standards.

Episode Notes


Gotham Gazette, In Mayoral Primary, Spending in Support of Adams More Than Combined Total for Garcia and Wiley on how Eric Adams campaign benefitted from millions spent by pro-charter school PAC

Chalkbeat, NYC’s budget deal pilots smaller class sizes, dedicates millions to COVID learning loss

NYC DOE summary of their Academic Recovery Plan

Tom Loveless’ book, Between the State and the Schoolhouse, Understanding the Failure of Common Core. [Use code BSSS21 to get 20% off when ordering from Harvard Education Press; offer expires 8/13/2021.]

His blog is at  You can also follow him at @tomloveless99